Aquifers are underground reservoirs and approximately 97% of the earth’s liquid fresh water is stored in aquifers. This makes groundwater the primary source of drinking water for more than 1.5 billion people around the world. However, having your own private well in your house that yields infinite water does not mean that it can consumed for drinking right away. As we know that water is an excellent solvent, hence it can contain several dissolved chemicals because of its movement through rocks and subsurface soil. For this reason, groundwater might often contain more dissolved substances than the surface water.

Although, the ground itself is a good mechanism for filtering out particles such as leaves, soil and insects, discharged and dissolved chemicals and gases can still be present in the groundwater. Additionally, underground water is also contaminated from industrial and agricultural chemicals from the surface such as pesticides and herbicides. While road salt to melt winter ice, septic tanks, contaminants found in the rocks and sediments, leaking fuel tanks or toxic chemical spills, industrial discharges, urban activities, agriculture, groundwater pumpage, and disposal of waste all can affect groundwater and aquifer quality to a great extent.

Physical properties of an aquifer such as rock or sediment type, thickness and location plays an important role in determining whether the ground is being contaminated by land particles or not. Water aquifers are amongst the best natural filters and so whenever humans interact with water sources it is important to monitor and manage its usage responsibly. Hence, ensuring the water quality and water purification systems for well water is an utmost necessity that needs to be taken care by professional aquifer water services supplier.

Fontus’ aquifer water assessment reviews hydrological reports and offset well data. Once the aquifer is drilled into, samples are taken and tested to UK water supply statutory requirements* for minerals, chemicals and microbiological parameters.

Filtration and treatment systems are installed based on these results, particularly when using your well for domestic water. The approach of Fontus Water is to provide you with access to well water filtration system that gives “clean, fresh and sustainable” water, giving you total peace of mind.

“All Water Is Tested To UK Water Quality Regulations.”