The majority of domestic water in the UK is captured, treated, delivered and discharged by the water companies, for this you are charged for the water you use and dispose of.

With a borehole you can access your own sustainable water source, naturally in the water cycle from your own well into an aquifer and reduce or completely remove your water usage fees

Aquifer wells have provided water for people for thousands of years. Today about one third of tap water in England and rates comes from underground reservoirs.

  • Approximately 85% of the UK has a produceable water aquifer directly below them
  • The UK allows a household to abstract up to 20 m3 per day* (over 10 times the average daily family usage)
  • Aquifer rock is often the best natural filter so your well can often be connected straight to a tap
  • No water bills, no water company restrictions, just free access to fresh water all year round.
  • One off installation cost means a short payback period before seeing real savings
  • Put water usage in your control … for life.

UK Water Resources Act 1991
Rights to abstract small quantities.

The restriction on abstraction shall not apply to any abstraction of a quantity of water not exceeding twenty cubic
metres in any period of twenty-four hours, if the abstraction does not form part of a continuous operation, or of a series
of operations, by which a quantity of water which, in aggregate, is more than twenty cubic metres is abstracted during
the period.