All year garden irrigation Reduce utility costs
Supply the home to back-up / reduce or replace mains water Renewable credit
Reduce costs further by sharing a well with your neighbours Green Space at the workplace

A 15% non-refundable deposit is required to drill pilot hole and test water.

If more than 20m3 per day (7,300 m3 per year) an “abstraction” license is
needed from the Environment Agency. To enquire contact

Providers of Borehole Water Supply in Hampshire, UK

Borehole drilling can be a great alternative for those who need their personal water supply instead of buying drinkable water from companies. Drinkable water is essential for humans and people have collected drinkable water from nearby streams and rivers since the start of human civilization. The Romans dug boreholes and wells to extract water from the ground sources. Today, borehole drilling has become more complex and high-end drilling is undertaken by specialized companies.

Fontus Water can become your trusted partner for drilling boreholes to help you get a continuous supply of drinkable water. Borehole drilling experts can help you prevent water-scarcity by creating customized drilling solutions based on your requirements. When it comes to having your own borehole water supply, residents can reach out to one of our experts today to dig a borehole and get rid of water bills or company restrictions.

Always rely on experts for a trouble-free borehole drilling on your property because some companies may not have the proper tools or experience to deal with the ever-changing lithology or to detect the right water source. As one of the leading experts in providing cutting-edge drilling solutions, Fontus can help you replace or reduce the usage of your main water supply. If the cost of borehole drilling is too much, you can always team up with your neighbours to share the water well and split costs in two. For a hassle-free borehole drilling in Hampshire, residents can rely on the expertise of Fontus.

How do Boreholes Work?

Boreholes are drilled into the aquifers to pump out drinkable water from the bottom of ground rock layers to the surface. The boreholes are carefully lined with highly-porous plastic to make sure it doesn’t break or collapse for several decades. The boreholes are generally narrow which makes it easier to pump out freshwater from the ground source. The borehole pipes are brought back to the surface whenever they need high-quality servicing. Water-bearing boreholes can be a long-term investment and can be an exceptional alternative to the main water supply.

Clean Water with Private Aquifier Access

With the help of Fontus, a premium borehole drilling company, you can drink pure and additive-free water at a considerably low price. Fontus provides top-quality borehole drilling services that don’t change the landscape of your property. We don’t leave any boreholes open and will cover everything with a green turf or other material to ensure safety. For your own private aquifier access to clean water, get in touch with Fontus and our experts will do the rest.

Borehole Laws and Regulations

You don’t need a license from the Environment Agency to extract up to 20 cubic metres of water every single day. But if your water requirements exceeds the 20 cubic meter limit, then you need a legal license to continue extracting water from the ground source. There are a few borehole water supply regulations that you must follow which include recording the amount of water extracted every day and reporting the exact amount to the Environment Agency.

Why Invest in Borehole Drilling?

Statistics show that more than 55% of the water supply originates from high-end recycling of wastewater. On top of that, the water you drink has various chemicals such as fluoride and chloride. These chemicals and recycling procedures may have adverse health effects on people who drink water from the main water supply. To avoid this emerging problem, the experts at Fontus can help you bore for pure water directly from ground sources and get rid of water bills, taxes, and unwanted health complications. So, if you’re wondering how you can invest and get your own borehole water well for your house or business, get in touch with Fontus now.

If 85% of people in the UK are relying on an aquifer (underground water source) to get drinkable water, you can benefit from it too! To get access to natural and drinkable water, borehole drilling can be your preferred option. Stop paying for drinkable water and invest in a water-bearing borehole only once to prevent water-scarcity. Reach out to the drilling professionals at Fontus today for seamless borehole drilling solutions!

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